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Our mission has changed but our vision is still the same: To be the best source of scientific and experiential knowledge at an affordable price to small business owners, their employees and individuals experiencing a shift in their career.

Small Business Consulting Services…

Our goal as small business consultants is to offer both virtual and local personal, professional and workforce learning and development personalized initiatives using data and scientific evidence. As a source of expert knowledge, going forward we hope to help people sift through the hundreds of articles, advice columns, links, and popular press to better shape their critical thinking skills as well as cause and effect logical decision-making.

Please be patient as our website evolves to reflect our new mission and current realities due to COVID-19. We will be under construction as we analyze, synthesize, and evaluate our new societal norms. So, check back often and/or sign-up to be notified when we add new material through the link below. If you need immediate advice or resources, please contact us. We are all in this together!

Career Services…

Have you been furloughed due to COVID=19 and are unsure how to adapt professionally? Dr. Bowman is also a specialist in career management and vocational psychology. She has coached dozens of clients through the years on nearly all topics of Career Management. If you are employed thinking about advancing in your career, are wanting to change careers, are unemployed currently or under-unemployed, Dr. Bowman will tailor the tools to meet your needs to help you achieve your professional goal(s). She teaches career development at the doctoral level in university and is highly versed in almost all the available resources and tools. She has created her own system based on the science that her clients can easily apply pending their current needs. She has been coaching and mentoring for more than 35 years and has a passion for helping others advance professionally. For those who are unemployed currently, she uses a sliding scale and will work with you to afford her services. In other words, she understands her client’s needs and will adapt to fit them. Please feel free to reach out and ask for a free 30-minute session if you need career services.

Coaching Services

We offer various coaching services, each unique to your needs.

One size doesn't fit all

We provide personalized one-on-one coaching to fit you and your business.

Team Development

To better understand themselves and each other.

Get everyone working together

Increase your team’s chances to reach project goals with our strategies.

Assessment Center

Testing solutions to bring everyone together

Let us take the guess work out of testing

With so many instruments of testing to utilize we identify the ones that will be the most effective for you and your team.


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Impact Stories

“If you are considering career coaching, I recommend Dr. Bowman. Get ready to think of things in new ways, expand your comfort zone, and target your success! She steered my career growth to new directions. Through her insightful coaching, I broke paradigms and saw things with a fresh outlook”  G. Damron

“It’s been nearly 30 years since I had to take a test, but I needed to pass a basic skills test in order to get hired at a large company. Dr. Bowman helped me get past my fear of technology and pushed me through various test instruments to prepare me for the “big one”. With her help I was relaxed and confident enough to make it through. In fact, I also have to credit her for helping me build my resume and applying for the job online in the first place, since my computer skills were limited” P. Young

From start to now launch, Dr. Deborah Bowman of the Southwestern Illinois chapter, challenged me to research and consider all aspects of business.  As an eager entrepreneur ready to jump in, I was less than eager to go through the necessary process. However, the knowledge and experience I gained helped me become a wiser entrepreneur.  Thanks Dr. Bowman; you’ve inspired me and now I am looking forward to giving back and mentoring others. Dr. Wanda Hall-Myers