Assessment Center

You don’t have to be an expert in employee testing, that’s our job! 

We offer a variety of advanced psychometric instruments on a small business budget and can help facilitate their effective use.  There exists an overwhelming variety of assessment instruments on the market today.  This can be overwhelming when all you need is an affordable tool in a useful format that matches your specific needs.

We are highly trained… in advanced testing and assessment measures using a variety of vendors and can help you understand the validity and usage of a potential instrument.

We do not offer… a one-size-fits-all type approach and will spend time with you in determining your specific development needs.  The idea is to be able to predict outcomes, rather than to measure a bunch of traits.

Do you need help in understanding your employee’s key strengths, their potential risk behaviors and/or their values and preferences?  Perhaps you are at odds with how to advance your career.

Testing solutions include…

  • Individual Development
  • Leadership Tools
  • Team Development
  • Career Center

Our main objective… is to always strive to provide the best assessment that measures the critical components of the client’s needs and personalized reports that allows participants a better understanding and appreciation of their own style, as well as the styles of their co-workers. This may require the administration of multiple assessments pending the competencies you choose to focus on. Then we’ll do all the work administering and facilitating the results at your convenience.

For a free initial consult… Contact Us and ask one of our Assessment Consultants whether or not using a test measure(s) is appropriate for your workplace development needs.