About Deborah Bowman PhD

Dr. Bowman is an Industrial & Organizational Psychologist with over 30-years experience of business and career counseling, coaching & mentoring clients with various needs, as an online professor of Organization Development & Leadership as well as Business Psychology. Her research covers entrepreneurship, vocational & career psychology, generational science, social and human capital, social axioms and the human value system, critical thinking, workforce development, as well as diversity & inclusion. In short, her passion is teaching and sharing her expertise with those who need a hand with moving forward in life, graduating from university and/or finishing a thesis/dissertation, are in a career transition, and/or need resources and support to start, manage and/or operate a business.

Series Intro: Using Science as a Guide During a Crisis

Beyond the Crisis: An Introduction and Review of the Research on Crisis, Career, and Entrepreneurship. It would be repetitive to research and write about the here and now. There is an enormous amount of valid and useful information already available to the entrepreneur, small business owner and individuals who work in the gig economy. And [...]

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Understanding & Generating Social Capital

Need help understanding Social Capital and how to implement this model into your business growth strategy? Over the last 15 years, the notion of social capital as related to firm performance has exploded in the scientific research. Numerous studies in the US and abroad have found evidence that social capital is a critical resource [...]

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