Entrepreneur Coaching

Entrepreneur Coaching

The most overlooked reason for coaching is success!

In other words, if success is getting in your way and you find yourself in situations where you’re unable to stay focused on your business or are simply overwhelmed, then entrepreneur coaching may be what you need.

Entrepreneur coaching provides focus, clarity and inner growth opportunities as you tap into your inner self and make decisions to change.  Entrepreneur coaching is not business coaching.  We do not give you the answers or tell you how to run your business.

Being self-employed and trying to achieve financial success, balancing work, family and life, building a sustainable business, time management, and overcoming obstacles associated with entrepreneurship are all  dilemmas.

Dr. Bowman has over 17 years of business experience and she teaches these subjects to doctoral students, so she understands what it takes to manage a business and wear all the shoes.  This makes her a good candidate as an entrepreneur coach.

During the coaching process, we use valid test instruments to help guide you in becoming more successful.  Every entrepreneur is unique and so the coaching sessions are built around those unique goals.

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