Free Strategy Session

Trust is one of the most basic factors that will make or break the success of a coaching relationship.  If there’s no trust, no intrapersonal connection or if there’s a lack of agreement towards a strategic direction between a coach and coachee, then the relationship may not be a good match.   This is precisely why we offer a free strategy session.

What you can expect:

Prior to the 45 minute free session, you will be asked to submit a response to a list of Q & As.  The results of this assignment will guide the coaching session and help determine if there’s a good match. 

During the actual session there will be brief introductions and we’ll talk about the session goals.  We will discuss the process of coaching and then talk about the answers you’ve provided in advance.  Any questions you have will be answered and the session will conclude with a discussion on whether there is a coach-coachee fit.    

Coaching is not a quick fix, so if we decide there is a fit, then we’ll talk further about pricing and length of program pending the outcomes you hope to achieve.

“I will only coach you if I believe I can help you.  I am dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams and overcome the obstacles to become successful.” ~ Dr. Deborah Bowman

Contact Us to set up an appointment for your free strategy session.