Impact Stories

Here’s what some of our clients have to say….

Career Counseling Clients:

“If you are considering career coaching, I recommend Dr. Bowman. Get ready to think of things in new ways, expand your comfort zone, and target your success! She steered my career growth to new directions. Through her insightful coaching, I broke paradigms and saw things with a fresh outlook” ~ G. Damron

“I needed help fast with my interview skills and Dr. Bowman cleared her schedule to do a mock interview. Her know-how and feedback helped me tremendously. She patiently guided me through each area of the job interview process, including body language and pay negotiations. Guess what…I GOT THE JOB and couldn’t have done it without Dr. Bowman’s help….tx Doc!” ~ H. Erwin

“It’s been nearly 30 years since I had to take a test, but I needed to pass a basic skills test in order to get hired at a large company. Dr. Bowman helped me get past my fear of technology and pushed me through various test instruments to prepare me for the “big one”. With her help I was relaxed and confident enough to make it through. In fact, I also have to credit her for helping me build my resume and applying for the job online in the first place, since my computer skills were limited” ~ P. Young

“The resume Dr. Bowman helped me write was professionally done and simply beautiful! She even coached me on my job search process and laid out the steps I needed to take to move my job search forward and she did this creatively using my unique circumstances. She was also not afraid to tell me what areas I needed improvement on which was very important to me. I originally requested her services for just the resume, but received so much more AND SHE’S AFFORDABLE!” ~ M. Klein

“The job search is a pretty miserable place to be especially mid-life and while changing careers but, having Deborah on my team was thought-provoking, action-provoking and empowering beyond measure… She is a beautiful leader inside and out” ~ S. Thorpe

“From start to now launch, Dr. Deborah Bowman of the Southwestern Illinois chapter, challenged me to research and consider all aspects of business.  As an eager entrepreneur ready to jump in, I was less than eager to go through the necessary process. However, the knowledge and experience I gained helped me become a wiser entrepreneur.  Thanks Dr. Bowman; you’ve inspired me and now I am looking forward to giving back and mentoring others.” Dr. Wanda Hall-Myers


Research Scientist:
“By utilizing highly impactful programming and practices, among which were Bloom’s Taxonomy, critical thinking methodology, Socratic principles, the Reasoning and Intellectual Standards, various models of learning, and the appropriate instructional architectures, Dr. Bowman taught me to approach the Proposal development and dissertation process with readiness and confidence. Using the aforementioned tools, she also challenged my critical thinking skills, cultivated my researcher’s curiosity, and helped me attain the highest level of achievement, i.e. successful dissertation defense. Dr. Bowman’s regular feedback on my work was crucial to development of my researcher’s skills and knowledge, which eventually allowed me to become an expert in the field of my dissertation topic…. At the time of our co-operation, Dr. Bowman treated me as a colleague, which is a rare trait among professors of her caliber…  From the very first day of our acquaintance and until today, she has been an invaluable mentor, coach, and scholar, whose expertise, professionalism, work ethics, and humanity I cannot stop admiring.”  ~ T. McLemore