Leadership Development

Do you need help with your leadership skills to improve your business and gain that competitive advantage?

If so, then…

  • Do you know the most important leadership competencies your organization requires?
  • How do you know whether or not your leaders, managers or supervisors hold these competencies?
  • How are you developing yourself and/or your leaders to achieve specific goals centered around productivity and profitability?

We help you identify the important competencies that’s right for your company.  Then we match the best assessment measure to determine your and/or your supervisor’s strengths and weaknesses.  Once we have gathered this data, we work with you and your front line supervisors privately to develop a leadership development program….and we do this on a small business budget! 

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We also utilize leadership coaching to help you or your supervisors become more effective leaders.  Sometimes a bi-weekly meeting with a coach over the phone or in person is all it takes! Because Dr. Bowman is a behavioral and social scientist, she likes to examine closely the various behavioral and cognitive characteristics that her clients have.  She then helps her clients apply this learning to their day-to-day interactions with their team.  Having goals and access to growth planning tools is a main component of professional development within a company.  We help you develop these and stick with you as long as you need us until it can be demonstrated that you’ve achieved the initial goals you established during the beginning of the coaching phase of our leadership development program.  You would be amazed at how little this costs as compared to the alternative and the first 45 minutes is free! 

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