Leadership Tools

We approach leadership as a measurable and dynamic process, because there are various skills and perspectives that are critical for success. Research shows that not one leader holds the same skillset, but there are several that can derail even the most promising career path.

These are just some of the many instruments available to us to help you better understand and develop the competencies critical to your leadership development and organizational needs:

  • MBTI Step II
  • CPI-260 Client Feedback Report
  • CPI-434
  • Stress Profile
  • FIRO Business Profile
  • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode
  • DiSC Classic
  • Everything DiSC
  • Hogan Lead (HPI, HBRI, MVPI)
  • Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i)
  • Benchmarks
  • 360 by Design
  • MLQ Self-Rating Report