Performance Consulting

There are many ways to understand how well your business works.  Some of those facets include strategic planning/implementation, customer service, accounting, purchasing, talent and performance management, human resources, leadership, training and development, selection and retention, and employee engagement.

Not to mention… as a small or medium size business, it’s likely that you wear all these hats!

Does John and Mary constantly bicker and argue? Productivity and the integrity of your team is at risk (to say the least!) when employees become at odds with each other.  Instead of waiting for them to “work it out” on their own, supervisors must get involved and take a proactive approach.  We recommend a variety of steps that must take place to address employee conflict before it happens.

Do you have a written plan on where your business will be in 5 years? Less than 3% of small businesses follow a clearly defined strategy.    You don’t have to be a large corporation to take advantage of strategic planning.   Having a clearly defined road map offers clarity and is an essential component of those day-to-day decisions.  We can help you craft and implement a strategic plan that encompasses your vision and mission with clear expectations for your supervisors and employees.

How effective is your staff? By changing the psychodynamics of your workforce, we can improve the effectiveness of your staff.  We use a variety of affordable testing and assessment measures to identify the specific people issues.  By facilitating the strengths and limitations, your team becomes more aware of how specific issues can impact the bottom line.  It’s really about improving the quality of your staff and management team.  In order to nurture and develop, you must first understand.

At the OP™, we believe that all these facets must be aligned to best drive human performance and deliver profitable results and growth.  As a performance improvement consultancy, we begin by helping you better manage these processes by measuring them. Then we help you integrate them into your system by helping you identify improvement opportunities. We don’t believe in doing all the work, thus preventing a dependency on external support.  Instead, we choose to facilitate the process so you and your staff can take the lead.

This ideology creates resilience and people performance.  We don’t know what solution is right for you without collecting feedback.  No business is the same. The type of feedback needed is dependent on what you think your unique circumstances might include.  After performing a needs assessment and gap analysis we can then determine your specific issues and recommend potential solutions.  Our services offer a variety of performance solutions that range from conflict management to strategy development.  If we lack the expertise, we have a wide professional network of subject matter experts than can be called upon as well.

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