Beyond the Crisis: An Introduction and Review of the Research on Crisis, Career, and Entrepreneurship.

It would be repetitive to research and write about the here and now. There is an enormous amount of valid and useful information already available to the entrepreneur, small business owner and individuals who work in the gig economy. And so, for my work to be more useful and valuable, the reader can instead spend time learning and planning for the new normal both personally and professionally.

Why should we pay attention to the research when I’m living in the now?

One important tidbit everyone has learned over the past 2+ months is that we must listen to the science and be more judgmental with our consumption of the opinions and discussions not supported by the research. As a scholar, I have known this to be true for years but am delighted the general public is recognizing, catching on and are paying more attention to the experts. How can my expertise be best used now and for years to come?

But there’s already a lot of advice available.

The answer is to not overwhelm and contribute to what is currently available on how to adapt the small business or look for a job and instead synthesize the current and past research and share it via posts on my website. And so, since the initial stage of the pandemic I have been combing the scientific databases on various topics pertinent to crisis in the 21st century global workforce.

Who should read the posts?

The material and articles on the extant literature regarding crisis, entrepreneurship and the career implications will be written for the entrepreneur, small business owners, their human and social capital, and for those who are forced to re-examine their career ladder. While contemplating where we have been and where we are now, I will discuss where we should go next and how to get there based on the science.

The premise of my reporting….

My review centers around the triangulation between crisis, entrepreneurship and the individual starting with clear definitions, including the most pertinent concepts, typologies and similar yet unique crisis event sequences. By using my 30+ years of experience, my background in industrial and organizational psychology, and the empirical works and current research of the many topics, I selected the following list of topics and will provide examples and useful ways to apply in most small business settings.

In general, the series will include…

  • A reliable introduction crisis management,
  • How crisis affects the individual, the entrepreneur, and their employees,
  • How private individuals who were forced into unemployment and may need to change careers or find a job,
  • Career transition, career management
  • What are the methods we can use to plan for post-crisis,
  • Strategic decision making, leadership, data, and intuition,
  • Worrisome thoughts, acute stress, coping, creating team & individual stress-management program,
  • And so on.

I hope to separate in this manner but also know the trajectory can change pending the literature and need. Once I got going, I realized the number of applicable topics are vast and important beyond the hear-and-now. And so, it will take time for me to gather the research and report back.

If any of these topics apply to you and you would like more information, hit me up at via the Contact Us functioin, sign up to receive the updated works via email and also remember to check back often.